The semester is now over, but here are some things to look forward to for next year!  
  • Multiple very powerful alumni coming to teach different investment techniques
  • Networking Trips to the UMass Club in Boston
  • Going to JP Morgan for a boot camp on Valuation Techniques



This section is to act as a resource for current members to aid in their research. It is also to be a resource so that members can learn on their own and expand their knowledge base about investing. There is a lot of information contained in the following tutorials, but if we are missing something please ask and we will see what information we can dig up for you.

For people attempting to get a better base knowledge of investing (All members should read these):

  1. Introduction to Fundamental Analysis – Describes general stock research techniques. Great Overview of Stock Research!
  2. General Guide to Stock Picking – Details different stock picking strategies

For people attempting to get a better base knowledge Economic Analysis:

  1. Economic Indicators Overview – A detailed overview of many economic indicators and their meaning.
  2. Determining Market Direction – An overview of how to incorporate different market factors to figure out the near term direction of the market.

Resources for doing Financial Statement Analysis:

  1. Financial Ratios Overview – Description of over 30 financial ratios- their meaning
  2. Financial Statements Analysis Tutorial – A walkthrough of things to look for when breaking down a financial statement. Great Resource!

Resources for doing Industry Analysis:

  1. Elements of Porter’s 5 Forces – Overview of factors that should be analyzed in completing a 5 forces analysis.
  2. Evaluating External Environment – A look at remote environment factors that will help build an investment thesis.

Resources for doing Valuation:

  1. Discounted Cash Flow Tutorial – A walkthrough of how to do a DCF.
  2. Economic Value Added Tutorial – An alternate way of valuing a company.