The semester is now over, but here are some things to look forward to for next year!  
  • Multiple very powerful alumni coming to teach different investment techniques
  • Networking Trips to the UMass Club in Boston
  • Going to JP Morgan for a boot camp on Valuation Techniques


Alumni Relations

Dear Alumnus,

We are excited to inform you that through the hard work of many students and dedicated alumni, the first ever student managed investment fund has been formed and funded at UMass Amherst. We appreciate the active role many of you have taken in the past and will truly value your support, guidance and advice in the future.

The Student Managed Fund (SMF) is currently investing $25,000 from the University of Massachusetts Foundation 's endowment in equity securities. A student led fundraising effort is now underway to build the fund to a level similar to other business schools around the country. The additional $25,000 will allow students to run a properly diversified portfolio and truly apply the theories learned from faculty and industry professionals. The Foundation will match any gift made to the SMF. As the fund grows to an endowed status, the earnings will generate new scholarships, and our success will enhance the overall reputation of the Isenberg School of Management.

In the first year of operation, this venture has already been a great opportunity to expose students to the world of asset management before they enter the work force. It is a unique breeding ground for many budding analysts and portfolio managers to combine the skills they've learned in class with professional experience and accountability that comes with managing an actual money fund. The real world experience gained has already helped several students secure jobs at prestigious financial management firms.

Financial support is key to the growth of the Fund but so is your time and knowledge. Our student fund managers have the desire and drive to learn and we are looking for professionals like you to aid in our learning process. One critical goal of this entire effort is the build and foster strong relationships with our alumni.

Thank you for your consideration to support this valuable experiential enterprise. To make a donation, please click on the link below.

Instructions on donating to the UMass SMF

If you would like to know how you can get further involved with the fund or have questions about your gift, please email us at . The Development Office at the Isenberg School will be working with us on this fundraising effort.

Yours Truly,

The Amherst Student Managed Fund