The semester is now over, but here are some things to look forward to for next year!  
  • Multiple very powerful alumni coming to teach different investment techniques
  • Networking Trips to the UMass Club in Boston
  • Going to JP Morgan for a boot camp on Valuation Techniques


About Us

UMass Student Managed Fund Officers

The University of Massachusetts Investment Club is a Registered Student Organization created to help undergraduate students learn more about the world of equity investments. The Club is accessible to students of all graduation years, majors and knowledge levels of investing. Students who are more knowledgeable about equity, macro-economic and overall investment analysis, take a larger role in the Club, in order to assist less knowledgeable students. These students consist of the officers of the Club, as well as lead analysts.

Lead analysts, who are divided up by business sector, are responsible for micro-managing a group of students to become experts of their sector. Through economic, industry and company research and analysis, lead analysts and their fellow analysts, will identify companies within their sector that they expect to outperform the sector average.

The Investment Club provides undergraduate students with a time, and location, to receive out of the classroom, real world experience. Students bring their classroom education, along with their personal interest to the table, when conducting individual stock and financial analysis. The Junior and Senior members of the Club stress the importance of early involvement of lower level undergraduates. Younger students are encouraged to attend, participate and contribute to the Club in any fashion. This encouragement is used to keep students consistently involved in the Club, in order for them to develop into qualified college level students who are prepared for the professional fields of finance and investments, as they progress in their college careers.

Investment Club meetings consist of presentations of current economic, capital market, sector and industry conditions of the United States , as well as the rest of the World. In addition, the Club gives hard working students, who have completed a company research report, a chance to pitch a stock to their fellow Club members for ideas and critique.