Chairman's Note
After only a year in existence, the Amherst Student Managed Fund has already been a resounding success. This venture has been a great opportunity to expose students to the world of asset management before they enter the work force. It is a unique breeding ground for many budding analysts and portfolio managers to combine the skills they've learned in class with professional experience and accountability that comes with managing a real money fund. The real world experienced gained in the fund has already helped students gain jobs at many prestigious financial firms. Learn more about the Fund.

Over the next year we have many goals that we are excited to work towards:
  • Doubling the size of the Investment Funds to $50,000 under management.
  • Establishment of an Applied Portfolio Management Class.
  • Two boot camp/networking trips per semester for club members.
News  Events
  • The Student Managed Fund is excited to release their first quarter, 2008 report. Please check it out here!

The semester is now over, but here are some things to look forward to for next year!  

  • Multiple very powerful alumni coming to teach different investment techniques
  • Networking Trips to the UMass Club in Boston
  • Going to JP Morgan for a boot camp on Valuation Techniques
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